General Information

The Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program

Founded: 2001 Mission: Celebrating our 16th year, the Orange County Jewish Community Scholar Program (“CSP”) is a community-wide endeavor committed to adult Jewish education and family Jewish celebrations. We educate (Jews) and celebrate (Judaism). Funding Sources: Mostly grass roots (65% from membership/20% fees from attendance & partner organizations); annual donations from Jewish Federation & Family Services of Orange County and Jewish Community Foundation of Orange County. Total amount spent on community programs since 2001: $1.2M  

On-Going Programs:

Adult Education:

  • Annual One Month Scholar Program (16th year)
  • Annual Pre-High Holiday Program (15th year)
  • Annual Summer Scholar Week (13th year)
  • Annual Adult Retreat (10th year)
  • Salons


  • Annual Community Shabbat Alive (13th year)
  • Annual Family Retreat (14th year)
  • Dads & Kids Fall Camping (11th year)
  • Summer Family Camping (11th year)
  • Yearly musical events
  • PJ Library Programming


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